Bone Graft Substitute

Q-OSS + (Synthetic)

Optimum bone composition ratio β-TCP 80% + HA 20%

Exceptional pore structure and blood wettability

Good bone substitution performance, suitable for use with bone replacement sites

Why Q-OSS?

Optimal Composition

Composed of B-tcp 80% and HA 20%, which is the optimal composition for osteogenesis

Blood Wettability

Outstanding blood permeability and osteoblasts attachment lead to fast bone formation

Bone Replacement

Appropriate for implant surgeries and posterior areas where bone regeneration is required

Applied Optimum Bone Composition Ratio

  Q-Oss + is applied to β-TCP 80% + HA 20%

  Optimum bone composition ratio

Exceptional Pore Structure and Blood Wettability

  High specific surface area with interconnected microspheres (average 2.0 m2/g)

  New bone formation by excellent blooad wettability and osteogenic cells in blood

Good Bone Substitution Performance, Suitable for Use with Bone Replacement Sites

  Q-Oss + is gradually degraded / absorbed during new bone formation

  It is advantageous for posterior procedure requiring replacement of bone such as implant placement