Bone Graft Substitute

A-OSS (Bovine)

Pore & surface structure favorable for new bone formation

Many new bone formation with excellent blood flow

Suitable for esthetic use with excellent volume maintenance

Why A-OSS?


3-D microspores with a rough surface facilitate abundant blood inflow and osteoblasts attachment

Blood Wettability

Outstanding pore structure provides excellent blood wettabililty

Volume Maintenance

Perfect for esthetic region and suitable to use with allograft or synthetic graft

Outstanding Blood Wettability promotes Osteogenesis

  Outstanding pore structure provides excellent blood wettability

  Osteoblasts in blood forms a large quantity of new bone

  1.0cc of A-Oss can contain 1.0cc of blood

Pore and Surface Structures that Facilitate Osteogenesis

  3-Dimensional micropres facilitate inflow of blood

  Rough surface structure helps attachment of abundant osteoblasts

Outstanding Volume Maintaining Properties are Appropriate for use in Esthetic Areas

  Stable maintenance of blood during osteogenesis period

  Appropriate for anterior part where maintaining volume is critical

  Stable volume maintenance even when used with allograft or synthetic graft